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Blowing our own trumpets!

The BarPosted by Dan Fri, June 02, 2017 17:15:58

In the wake of the Lost Industry Tap Takeover we thought we would shed some light on what it is we’re actually doing as a business and more importantly for the village of Clowne.

Obviously we are quite aware that the last few blogs have been negative, in response to negative comments, however this is a bit more, joyful, non offending and overall a more interesting read (well we’ll try on all 3 counts), here goes……

This weekend we had our most successful weekend since opening partly thanks to great weather, pay day, the Lost Industry takeover and more and more people finding out where we are and what we’re doing here, which isn’t just overcharging people for a quality product like some people think…….Damn! Let me start again…….

The Lost Industry Tap takeover was the first of many events we will be bringing you this year, and although it was majorly successful it is by no means the biggest of the events we will have this year. Let me explain……Lost Industry are a well renowned brewery in the craft industry mainly for their bat shit crazy sour creations, producing in large volumes their experimental beers in bottles, kegs and cask, from their 10BBL plant (meaning they can brew up to 1600 litres per brew) in Wadsley Bridge mainly for distribution to many of the Yorkshire regions; But these guys have also gathered a strong following further afield up and down the UK distributing from London to Scotland and their reputation is only growing. With small batch distribution to some of Europe and Heist export now sending out samples to buyers across the world, it won't be long before Lost Industry are distributing globally.

In respect of what Lost Industry do and are trying to do, which is to just ‘produce beer that we want to drink’, they are still a family run operation of 4 (and supporting partners of course before we get a backlash) which looking at their current portfolio is a great achievement. http://www.lostindustrybrewing.com

So with this in mind and taking into consideration we have another 2 breweries of the same size and caliber,

Neon Raptor – a one man band from Derby, full time engineer (for now) and part time Bearded Brewer from Scotland who is currently cuckoo brewing until his own brewery Tap is opened in Nottingham. This guy is blindly becoming famous in the Craft world, after winning a Brewdog home brew contest with his first beer ‘Endangered’ (Bourbon and Vanilla Porter) which was brewed using a wilkos stock pot some garden hose and copper piping, he is now following the Heist slogan and looking at going balls deep in Craft as his brews grow strength and notoriety amongst the craft scene. Adam from Neon Raptor will be at Heist on the 17th June with his own brews as well as our Collaboration brew TyrannosaurHeist Rekt which is an 8.4% Double IPA.

Find out more about Neon Raptor http://www.neonraptorbrewingco.com/

Emmanuales – another one man band from Sheffield described as a brewing, balding, worshipping modern monk, who again, starting small in 2014 after converting his terraced house cellar into a brewery, he moved onto bigger and better things quickly and now brews alongside The Sheffield Brewing Company in Sheffields Industrial quarter, operating out of an old Victorian polish factory. With a passion for craft beer and a devotion to the Christian faith he is not looking to force religion down your throat……..Only beer!! And with names like ‘Noah and the pale’, ‘Ale Mary’ and my favourite ‘By the rivers of rhubarbabylon, you can see why this brewer has spread his good brews up and down the country. Nick from Emmanuales will be at Heist on the 29th July with his own brews as well as our collaboration brew Passion of the Heist which will be a passion fruit IPA. Find out more about Emmanuales http://emmanuales.co.uk/

All 3 of the above breweries distribute their own beers manually, either by delivering them by hand or using a wholesale distribution network.

I would now like to draw your attention to Abbeydale Brewery who are attending Heist for a Tap takeover, meet the brewer and whom we are collaborating with on an experimental brew on 28th October.

Abbeydale brewery have been in existence since 1996, which is longer than all 3 of the above put together. Operating out of Sheffields Antiques quarter their brewery can produce over 200 Brewers Barrels at full capacity which is 20x more than the aforementioned, which is approximately 800 of your typical casks found in a pub, per week…….PER WEEK! Shit the bed……That's a lot of urine……..and needless to say it is not a small team.

With a core range of 5 cask beers and 1 keg, Abbeydale also release a special brew every single week (don't get the words special brew mixed up with something you'd find someone on a street corner drinking) these specials come in the form of collaborations and new experimental ideas which could one day work their way into core. As a traditional Brewer with their most common creation being Moonshine, which is known by every man and their dog, Abbeydale are now dipping their malty fingers into craft demonstrated by more kegging and canning and their recent collaboration ‘4 degrees of separation’ with Magic Rock, Northern Monk and Siren, who are all huge names amongst the craft scene and who can now all be found taking over the shelves of our local shops and supermarkets.

Voted the best brewery in South Yorkshire this year Abbeydale provide to over 400 different pubs and bars across the UK which is astonishing and highlights their demand and growth within the UK alone and we can only imagine what the future holds for them, but first we have the pleasure of brewing with them on our collaboration beer which is undecided at this stage but we can guarantee it will make you cream with excitement…..(may be a clue!)

Abbeydale is hard to come by on 1 single draft line in Clowne, never mind 5 draft lines which will be available at our event, and to bring the Brewer to the village that he/she has probably never heard of before as well as bringing a collaboration beer brewed between this renowned brewery and Clowne's very own Heist…….c’mon guys, round of applause!

Find out more about Abbeydale http://www.abbeydalebrewery.co.uk/

Durp! Durp! Durrrrrr! Brrrrrpp! Brp! Brp! Brrrrrrrp! durrrrrrrrp!……..sorry that's just us blowing our own trumpet, and the good news is this is still not the biggest thing we bring to you and to Clowne this year.

So, to carry on the trumpet blowing we give you Thornbridge brewery….

Anyone heard of this small brewery located in Bakewell in the Peak District…..? No! Yeah I'm not surprised they've only got a 2.5 million pound state of the art brewery producing award winning beers with over 350 different awards to their name, with 100 of these alone being for a not very well known beer called Jaipur. (We didn't promise no sarcasm)

Operating since 2005 out of a small unit on the grounds of Thornbridge hall, they now have their own purpose built brewery, with only one purpose, to brew great beers. With hundreds of different beers to their name and 9 of their own pubs they have now opened their first European pub in the Netherlands this year, which like Heist will sell overpriced craft ales but the difference being they have the brand behind them and we all know people love a good brand brainwashing……….oh bollocks, sorry I'm not starting again, it's hard this you know.

Anyway Thornbridge now distribute globally to America, New Zealand, Mexico, Japan, Australia and many European Countries to name just a few and they also have their own beer festival each year.

Now go to these countries and ask each of them if they know where the next place is, and of course they will know. How many of these places will know where Clowne is located? (Add in your own sarcastic response here)

Thornbridge will be joining us with 5 lines, bringing a Brewer along but unfortunately they are far too big to collaborate on a beer with the likes of little old us, but it's fine Thornbridge, we didn't want to do a collaboration with you anyway, it'd probably be shit and only win 3 awards…..in all seriousness we are unbelievably chuffed to have them joining us on the 25th November and maybe we will be able to work with them in the future.

Find out more about Thornbridge http://thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/index.php

At this point you'd think we'd peaked and we did to, but then we approached Brewdog! For those of you that have been walking around with your head up your own rectum (No reference to the local councillors in the previous blog) Brewdog are now the biggest craft beer name in the UK and probably the world (I say probably because there is no definite answer online as to the biggest craft brewer in the world) but with a brewery in the UK and in America, 47 bars in over 12 different countries and over 600 worldwide employees with an estimated worth of over 1 Billion pound it's pretty much nailed on. Not bad considering Brewdog started with just 2 men and a dog 10 years ago……..if we can only say in 10 years that Heist is worth a billion then leaving our corporate jobs will have been worth while, just to piss off our old managers! Brewdog have a reputation for doing things their own way and leading the way in innovation and marketing campaigns that grab people's attention such as storming the London streets in a Brewdog tank and brewing beer at the bottom of the ocean and these guys are a big inspiration to not just us at Heist but a number of craft brewers now in the UK for their fuck it attitude and do what you want that pleases you and makes you happy….

I can't really big these up anymore but we are pleased to announce that Brewdog will be joining us in Clowne on Sunday 27th August for a bank holiday to remember with 5 Brewdog lines, including limited edition beers, Brewdog punks on site to give lessons on beer and answer your questions but again no collaboration, although we could just stick our own label on one of their beers, who'd know……..we’re only joking by the way before rumours start you vicious people.

Our first Brewdog event last night went down a treat mixing, beer, education and pizza and the August bank holiday will be one for your calendar, after all it's the biggest event to hit Clowne since the Salvation Army marching band outside Wilko’s……..it'll be a struggle but we can guarantee it will be better.

Find out more about Brewdog at https://www.brewdog.com/welcome

So there you have it, what we’re trying to say is we have a few big names heading this way, as well as a most recent confirmation from Northern Monk to attend our Christmas market on 2nd December for a Tap takeover and meet the brewer which is just as big as our Thornbridge and Abbeydale news as well as agreeing to collaborate on a beer which will be a xmas special and again this is amazing news for us and for you and we’re unbelievably excited to get going with all of these.

So why are we doing this?

For our own selfish gain? Yes

To grow our reputation and brand? A little

But more importantly when we proposed our idea to Obtain the building we set out to make Clowne great again and bring people to the village from the surrounding areas and give people from Clowne a reason to go out so is also a selfless act for the people of Clowne and surrounding areas………..it's fine you don't have to thank us but if you really want to we are are going to be releasing the details of our crowdfunding for our microbrewery over the next month which will help us bring even more business to Clowne and continue to improve and build the reputation of this small village.

We are looking to fund a 5 BBL brewing plant,(based on the above numbers we've just gone through is still only half the size of some breweries), renovations to the brewing space, cellar space and onsite accommodation to allow people to come and stay above the brewery to brew their own. We will be looking at investments between £25 and £1000 with different rewards for personal and business investments under each amount given of which full details will all be outlined in our crowdfunding proposal, and a crowdfunding total of between £30,000 to £40,000 and the response on our Facebook post when putting the feelers out was incredible so a preemptive thank you is needed at this stage.

This is another massive move in such a short space of time of operation but we will continue to go Balls Deep until we achieve everything we have in mind, it's up to you if you want to help us achieve this.

Maybe one day when you tell people you’re from Clowne and people will know where it based on Heist Craft Brewing, after all Magic Rock put Huddersfield on the map.

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Lost in the industry

The BarPosted by Dan Wed, May 10, 2017 19:03:08

So, we took time out on Monday to spend a day brewing with the Lost Industry guys for our upcoming tap takeover.

The Lost Industry team were happy enough to let us play with their expensive piece of kit as well as agreeing to our first ever collaboration brew.

The tap takeover is on 27th May, so make sure you come down to get your hands on the first ever release of 'Black ForHEIST Gateau, a chocolate and cherry stout!


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Just what Clowne needs!

The BarPosted by Dan Tue, May 09, 2017 16:09:00

Do you know how many times we have heard this?

Far too many to be worried about the negative comments we have heard going round, some of which have been overheard in other local businesses and fed back to us. We like to think we are supporting other businesses by bringing people to Clowne from the surrounding areas and we will continue to do so, so it would be great if the same support could be provided irrelevant of your own custom to our business. This village needs a revival and needs something new to help it thrive again as everyone reminds us it once did, and we will do everything to keep it fresh and keep bringing new ideas and new events to the area.

We also heard there is a local sweepstake about our longevity with someone even saying 2 weeks, well whoever that was I'm sorry you lost your money, but it was a stupid estimate anyway, now whoever has 2 years you're a lot closer. If anyone knows who is running this sweepstake can they get them to contact us as we have 5 digits GP for the month to put on longer than 2 years.

We are starting to see an Increase in customers and are still hearing the familiar, ‘I didn't know you were here!’, ‘such and such has told me about you!’, ‘I was just passing and saw you!’ and many of these are coming back again and again which is great to see meaning we are only getting stronger in the market and in the area.

With regular customers from Staveley, Renishaw, Bolsover, Killamarsh, Beighton, Eckington and Chesterfield plus other surrounding areas we are so pleased to see these repeated customers (some more than others, you know who you are) looking for an alternative to what is currently being provided and what they express can only be found otherwise in a city centre, which is the key to our longevity. After all we have only been open 4 weeks and people are passing such comments, meaning there are many more people out there to find out about us and pay us a visit so please carry on letting your friends and family know as you are doing, that is if you want to keep us hanging around.

We have planned something for you and for Clowne each month and are bringing people from global names and brands to the village, who else can say they are doing this? Well……maybe Tesco but that doesn't count, who by the way can stick their marketing and promotional campaigns to prise local businesses out of the market, up their arse! 6 weeks ago, Tesco only had a couple of lines of Craft on their alcohol isle(which is at the back of the store) which was Brewdog’s Punk IPA and a variation of Adnans, which is a dubious craft anyway.. We paid a visit to ask if we could set up a stall promoting our business and talked them through our concept, 2 weeks later the craft section has grown by 10 more lines and pulled to the front of the building……..Fuck You Tesco, come up with your own ideas for growth, and think about how you can benefit from our presence instead of trying to put us out of business before we've opened. We’re here to educate people on the product not just sell it to them……..wankers!!

Anyway, where was I….? Oh yes, our events, for those that haven't yet seen, we have the following events planned throughout the year, which if planned well enough you could attend all of them, we know you want to:

Saturday 27th May (12noon – 10pm) – Lost Industry Tap Takeover and meet the Brewer with food provided by King Brisket Time, and our special collaboration chocolate & cherry stout, Black ForHEIST Gateau available on draft.

Thursday 1st June (6pm – 8pm) – Brew Dogs Beer School Tasting event which is ticket only. Free drink on arrival and 5 tasters. One of Brewdogs Punks talks you through the ins and outs of beer, how it's brewed, why it's brewed, how to taste and drink etc and then everyone is provided with a certificate to say they have graduated from beer school. Call us or call in to book your tickets, very few left.

Saturday 17th June (12noon – 10pm) – Neon Raptor Tap takeover and meet the brewer with food provided by Clucking Oinks, and our special collaboration Double IPA, TyrannosaurHeist Rekt will be available on draft

Saturday 29th July (12noon – 10pm) – Emmanuales Tap takeover and meet the brewer. Meet the man who has been brewing in biblical proportions since 2014 AD with food provided by The Secret Burger Company, and our collaboration Passion Fruit IPA, Passion of the Heist, will be available on draft

Sunday 27th August (12noon – 10pm), Bank Holiday Sunday – Brewdog Takeover……. Tap takeover, punk lessons on beer, Live Music, hay bale hoe down beer garden and food provided by The Gravy Train. This will be the place to be this bank holiday!

Saturday 28th October (12noon – 10pm) – Abbeydale Brewery Tap Takeover, the people that brought you moonshine come to Clowne. food vendor and collaboration beer TBC

Saturday 25th November (12noon – 10pm) – Thornbridge Tap takeover and meet the brewer, food provided by sunshine Pizza

Saturday 2nd December (12noon – 10pm) – Heist's Craftmas Market, multiple food vendors outside, multiple gift vendors and brewery merch stands indoors, plus alternative carol singers and other activities to get you in the festive mood plus attendance from a celebrity guest….

Friday 15th December (7pm – 10pm) – Craftmas Dinner at Heist, tickets only. 6 course liquid lunch with beers revolving around a traditional Christmas lunch, 2 food courses provided with main and dessert, a gift from Santa and 10% off all purchases. Call us or call in to book your tickets.

If this isn't enough we are also bringing you a portable bar business to book for events and occasions and will also have our own microbrewery up and running this year, as well as focusing on trying to open a second location elsewhere so you can brag how you helped the Heist Brand take off…….

Here's to Heist and our customers, live long and prosper….

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