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The BarPosted by Adam Wed, September 20, 2017 13:37:29

When we set out on our mission 5 months ago to set up our own business and bring craft beer to the people of Clowne, we also laid out our own mission statement for the bar, and that was to make Clowne great again. 5 months in and we can't say whether we are or not and i'm sure that opinion is different in some peoples eyes, but we're having a good bloody go at doing the right thing but the village with increasing positive feedback, excluding that of Price mark and queuing (We'll come back to this later)

2 major events of the year passed and we have brought people in their hundreds from:
Barrow Hill
plus other different areas of Chesterfield and Sheffield.

This is what we actually know of, so please if you call in and you're reading this and we haven't mentioned your area, feel free to let us know. Its good to know, and also helps with the bank manager when explaining our customer reach when proposing new ventures smiley (Oh yeah we've found out how to use actual emoji's this time but almost certain the metaphorical ones are better, i.e rolled fist and a water splash emoji)

Local customers inform us that this many people in Clowne was an issue many years ago and people from surrounding areas only came to Clowne for a fight, or at lest thats how the night ended up, well we can now confirm the people from the aforementioned areas are coming back to Clowne, but this time to have a good time and many of our customers have made good friends with people they had never even met before. Long gone are the neanderthal times, people are actually enjoying themselves without the need to punch someone in the face because they looked at them funny or bumped into them at the bar. This shit happens, and trust me there was plenty of bumping going off this weekend in an overcrowded Heist but the usual response is 'sorry' and get on with your evening and thats what people did, and what a mighty fine evening it was. We have had nothing but positive feedback regarding the evening and what we laid on. The band was amazing, the steins went down well, too well with some people who couldn't find their way out of the building at the end of the night, and the sausage went down a treat. (insert own innuendo here) The only negative came in the form of a queue that took 30 minutes to get to the front of, and there were a number of things that impacted this:

2 pint Steins take a lifetime to pour - Obviously not hosting an event with steins before this is something we couldn't predict.

Our till decided it was on go slow - Transactions via cash and card were slowed all night, we even rebooted but this didn't help.

People not knowing what they want when they got to the front of the queue - Now as much as we would like to take full responsibility for this, when you've been in a queue for 30 mins and still don't know what you want when you get to the front, what the fudge have you been thinking about in the queue?? Thats like queuing for a ride at Alton Towers and then deciding when you get to the front that you're not sure whether or not you should go on the ride and holding everyone up behind you.

Anyway we're bitching, the fact of the evening is yes we only have 2 members of staff that serve, however more staff, which a lot of people were quite forthcoming in mentioning, would not help the situation as all of the above would still bottle neck as they did with 2 staff, so more staff could have even made this worse. More staff is definitely an option for the future months, but we have only been open 5 months, this is not a long time at all, and we are still growing in terms of custom so no doubt Heist will get even busier but until we can forecast and predict customer volumes this will remain the same as we are trying to run a viable business, not just a pub/bar. We are currently self funding the install of a brewery so our outgoings need to remain minimal for now, and once this is up and running in November then yes we will need more staff but until then please bare with us. Because, lets face it, where else does what we're doing?

With this being said we do have a new member of Staff who is being trained in everything bar work.......Please Welcome Olivia Jade Haslam......Embarrassing picture to follow. Olivia has been with us for nearly a month now but we needed to make sure she could put up with me and Dan before confirming her as a permanent fixture, but she's here to stay. Starting with the smaller tasks of glass collecting, cleaning and stocking up she will move on to other tasks soon enough, including serving, we just need to make sure she knows the products as well as us 2, otherwise we are offering nothing better than any other pub around here.

As well as this we are implementing a number of adjustments that will help reduce the queue and the speed of service until then so we are still thinking about you and taking notice, we're not just stood there laughing about the fact you've been stood in a queue for 30 mins, however with that being said many people did comment that the queue was worth the wait with the quality of the drink so thats a bonus, it could have been worse, there could have been Carling or Fosters waiting for you at the end of that queue!

Finally, we had a few comments about the time we stopped serving, 11pm, after saying it was a lock in! it was a lock in as we still remained open until 12 but we have to look at it from a business point of view depending on how the night is going. We decided to stop serving at 11pm for the health of our customers and the benefit of our neighbours. Here's an equation to show you how this is determined:

Volume of customer = Alcohol & food consumption
Duration of alcohol consumption

We were collecting in a lot of full pints and Steins and half drank drinks which suggests that people have had enough, only confirmed by the video evidence received the following day of how some people went home, and it wasn't pretty. Contrary to popular belief we're not just out to get your money and if stock is being wasted, rather than serve more that could be wasted we decided to stop serving, and if anything saved you some money! Also as much as you think you're sober, you can't hide a slur.......you're mind tells you you're speaking normally but your body won't let you, its fact!! So when you come in saying you weren't drunk and felt fine, your gurning told a different story, and when you think you're leaving the premises quietly, you're not!

Hopefully a 30 minute queue hasn't put you off returning as this will not be the case at every event, it just couldn't be helped on this occasion but we thank you for baring with us on the evening and we can't wait to have you again, so to speak!

The next event is in October and will run Friday 27th, Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th October which is a Tap takeover, meet the brewer with Beer Ink from Huddersfield. These are the guys that brought you Starbeer, the imperial peanut butter, chocolate and caramel stout, and we are pleased to announce we will be brewing a collaboration beer with them which will be a halloween themed stout. As well as this there will a quirky edition to the weekends activity that I can't say has ever happened around here before, but we'll see how it goes down, all we will say at this point is that 'you may feel a little prick!'

Love you and leave you, peace out!!!


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